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Socksial Club © 2020 Identity by Bold . Website by Stoëmp
Terms & Conditions
Socksial Club © 2020 Identity by Bold . Website by Stoëmp
Terms & Conditions

Socksial Club is collaborating with BXL Refugees’s Citizen Platform.

1 pairs of socks = 1 meal for a refugee 

1 subscription = 1 meal per month + 1 new underwear kit for a refugee



“Striving to build a society that is more open to and inclusive of migrants, the Citizen Platform - BxlRefugees aims to harness the combined energies of citizens and associations in order to change public attitudes and perceptions to migrants and thus contribute to providing a fundamentally humane, high-quality response to their needs, and proposing innovative solutions where needed”

In light of the inadequacy of migrant services in Belgium, the Citizen Platform for Refugee Support was launched in September 2015 as a space to meet and coordinate individual and collaborative initiatives addressing migration-related issues.

Since then, using the means available, the Citizen Platform has been working to provide unconditional support, information, training and assistance to exiles, migrants, asylum seekers, newcomers and undocumented people, while fully respecting the individual and his/her choices and facilitating their integration into their new environment.

The Citizen Platform advocates for a migration policy that complies with international agreements and respects the rights of all. We believe that only a sustainable, solidarity-based solution, rooted in the respect for human rights and universal brotherhood, can be implemented to address the global migration crisis that we are experiencing today.

Providing intake care and guidance is only possible thanks to the day-to-day commitment of hundreds of volunteers from all walks of life, from all political horizons and from every part of Belgium. What is the Citizen Platform’s watchword?

When the authorities fail to act, the citizen movement steps up!

Would you like to get involved as a volunteer? Please contact us at: volunteers@bxlrefugees.be

For more information on the Citizen Platform activities, go to www.bxlrefugees.be

Do you have any questions or need general information? Contact us at: info@bxlrefugees.be