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Socksial Club © 2020 Identity by Bold . Website by Stoëmp
Terms & Conditions
Socksial Club © 2020 Identity by Bold . Website by Stoëmp
Terms & Conditions

JUNE 2022

"One or the other”


MAY 2022

"Every worm has its hole”

APRIL 2022

"The Atomium is better than the Eiffel Tower”



"I have seen the world, and it is not beautiful" said Marius Jacob, the freest man of all time.


"The idea of this design plays with the traditional sock-making technique in a humorous way.

The sock can be worn right side up or upside down for two surprisingly different effects.



"The drawing was to represent two friends being reunited after a long journey."



"It's a painting of a woman smoking a cigarette looking off into a sunset. I thought it worked well on the sock both as an image but also it's vague enough to work as a pattern."



"I cannot really write much about the photo, I saw it and shot it!"



"These heads take our feet to every place we'll ever meet"


JULY 2021

"As we can finally walk naked in the meadows, we might as well be properly shod!"


JUNE 2021

"To march on the patriarchy, these feminist coloured socks are the essential accessory."


MAY 2021

"In line with my work based on geometric shapes I created these socks with the same color code I used in my latest creations (like the scarves I released earlier this year)."


APRIL 2021

"Queen & King of the sky!
Guide my steps out there.
Balancing my feminine and masculine sides...
While walking on earth,
looking at you.”


MARCH 2021

"Green socks are bad. If you wear them you should apologise.”



"Colourful, balanced, pleasant and optimistic are the words that best sum up the declension of our universe to imagine these Socksial Club socks. A composition that mixes abstract, figurative and vegetal elements. The aim is to add visual comfort to the textile ease.”



"Loneliness has taught me a lot, I love it as much as it can hurt me, but I always come back to it. And it's also Barbara's most beautiful song.”



"I always try to look at things not as to what they're used for but as to what they could be used for. Not what they look like but what they could look like. That's how I approached this sock, seeing the shape of it and playing with it to see what it made me think of. And it made me think of a dog! I've also loved the simplicity of hand puppets and how playful they made a daily object be. So here you have it a simple sock with two uses !”